• Cleaning House: 3 Reasons for a Business Owner to Get Rid of Clutter

    Cleaning House: 3 Reasons for a Business Owner to Get Rid of Clutter

    Office meeting room

    Workplace clutter is associated with disorganization and lack of productivity. It also creates obstacles that employees must work around in order to prevent injury and office equipment damage. If your commercial space is flooded with junk that is not essential to your business operations, hire a hauling service professional who specializes in junk removal to help you rid your business of clutter. This will:

    Free Up Space
    It is amazing how much longer it takes an employee to locate a sought-after object in a cluttered office than it does in an organized environment. By getting rid of clutter at your workplace, you will free up space that can be used for storing necessary materials in an organized manner. In addition to making it easier for workers to navigate a workspace, de-cluttering your office is also likely to boost productivity.

    Promote a Professional Environment
    Tossing or recycling broken office furniture, stacks of paperwork that are years old and no longer necessary, defunct computers, and other junk can do volumes for the atmosphere of a commercial space. The effects of such a junk removal effort are positive for employees and customers alike, as it improves the workplace environment and makes a great first impression on prospective patrons.

    Eliminate Safety Hazards
    Clutter can be quite dangerous. The most obvious dangers associated with clutter are the physical obstacles that can trip-up those who work around them. When clutter reaches proportions that are reminiscent of a hoarder’s home or office, dangers grow to include health concerns as well.

    Serving all of San Diego County, Silverback Hauling & Demolition is a full-service junk removal company. To learn more about our services or arrange to have a team of trained and experienced professionals haul away the junk that is cluttering up your office or other work facilities, call (619) 618 -0676.

  • How to Talk to Your Loved One about His Hoarding Problem

    How to Talk to Your Loved One about His Hoarding Problem

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    It’s not easy dealing with a loved one that hoards, whether it’s a family member, a spouse, or a partner. It’s not a good idea to throw away your loved one’s hoarded belongings, or to tell him or her that it’s time to stop hoarding, because either of these actions are usually hurtful and ineffective. Read this article for tips on how to talk to your loved one about his or her hoarding problem, and who to call for hauling services in San Diego.

    Know the Behavior Behind Hoarding
    A hoarding problem can range from minor to serious, but in any case it’s important to recognize that hoarding is an ingrained habit. Improving a hoarding problem takes months or sometimes years, so it’s important to be patient. If the hoarding problem is serious, your loved one will not see the hoarding as a problem, even in the face of stress, safety risks, allergies, or being unable to use a certain area of the house.

    Be Kind
    Positive reinforcement is more helpful to your loved one than negativity, so always make an effort to stay upbeat. After all, your loved one is not hoarding to be malicious. Your loved one’s habits do not indicate that he or she loves the items more than you. Focus on acknowledging progress, and avoid making any comments that are demotivating.

    Seek Professional Help
    Progress cannot be made until your loved one is ready to change. And sometimes, seeing a professional therapist is the best way to help your loved one acknowledge his or her problem and start to work on de-cluttering his or her life.

    At Silverback Hauling & Demolition of San Diego, we have helped many hoarders and former hoarders with the intensive cleanup and junk removal process. Call us at (619) 618-0676 or visit our website to learn more about the hauling services we have to offer the San Diego and Coronado area.

  • What Does a Demolition Contractor Do?

    What Does a Demolition Contractor Do?

    Master Bathroom Remodeling: Demolition Phase

    If you are a real estate investor, general contractor, interior designer, home remodeler, or house flipper, you have probably already worked with a demolition contractor. A reputable demolition company is proficient at planning and carrying out a wide variety of demolition projects. If you have items that are difficult or unsafe to dispose of, a demolition company can take care of that as well. There are also demolition contractors that offer recycling and donation drop off services.

    Formed in 2000, Silverback Hauling & Demolition has the tools and the experience to help you with a variety of demolition projects in the San Diego and Coronado area. We are happy to accommodate off hours and during the weekend. You can even call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have immediate demolition concerns. To speak with a demolition expert in San Diego, call Silverback Hauling & Demolition at (619) 618-0676.

  • This App Can Help You Step Up Your Recycling Efforts

    The 3 Rs green signpost

    Recycling is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint and ensure that our world is cleaner and more sustainable. To learn more about how you can use your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to increase your recycling, keep reading.

    With the iRecycle app by Earth 911, you can find local recycling opportunities whether you’re at home or out of town. In fact, the app gives you access to over 1.6 million ways to recycle over 350 materials. Just type in your zip code, address, or city and the app will pull up the location, recycling information, and phone number for collection points nearby. Download this free app today to make recycling easier and more accessible.

    If you have a demolition, cleanup, or junk removal project in the San Diego or Coronado area, call Silverback Hauling & Demolition at (619) 618-0676 to ensure that your materials are recycled. Visit our website to learn more about our experience in the demolition business.

  • How to Clean and Organize Your Garage

    Cleaning out in the spring, GARAGE SALE

    It can be easy to let your garage get out of control. Before you know it, you have boxes of junk from floor to ceiling and your tools are nowhere to be found. Fortunately, all it takes is a bit of hard work and determination to restore order in your garage. If you want to transform your garage from a hapless storage unit to a functional work space, roll up your sleeves and get ready to work. Here are a few tips to cleaning and organizing your garage:

    Get Rid of the Junk
    The first and hardest step of cleaning out a garage is, well, cleaning it out. If your garage has become a repository for junk, drag it all out into the sunlight and get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in the past 12 months. The garage is a place to store important equipment and tools, not your good intentions. Hire a junk removal company to get rid of the items you want to dispose of, or consider having a yard sale to make a few bucks in the process.

    Designate Specific Zones
    After you have gotten rid of the junk, your garage should start to look and feel like a garage again. To prevent another buildup of clutter and junk, designate specific zones throughout the garage. For instance, have one zone for tools and one for miscellaneous storage. Not only will this help you get organized, but by keeping items in their respective zones, you will make sure that you do not lose anything and you will help keep your garage looking clean and composed.

    If you’re serious about cleaning up your garage, contact the junk removal experts at Silverback Hauling & Demolition. We are available to haul your broken, unused, or unwanted junk to the proper disposal or recycling facility. If you live in San Diego, call (619) 618-0676 to learn more about our junk removal services.

  • What to Do if You Suspect a Loved One is Hoarding

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    Hoarding is a psychological disorder in which the sufferer excessively and compulsively collects items that are of little or no value and, not being able to throw any of it away, results in unmanageable amounts of clutter throughout the home. Hoarding is often the result of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and it is also associated with anxiety and depression. If you suspect that a friend or loved one is hoarding, encourage him to seek help, as his problem poses a risk to his health and safety.

    When dealing with a hoarding issue, do not be tempted to get extra storage, as this is only a quick fix that does not directly address the problem at hand. Stage an intervention with the help of a mental health professional and discuss your worries and fears about your loved one’s hoarding behavior. You should also hire a professional junk removal team to safely get rid of the clutter that has accumulated inside of their home.

    For expert hauling services in San Diego, contact Silverback Hauling & Demolition. We specialize in household hauling and yard cleanup. Contact us online or call (619) 618-0676 to learn more about our junk removal services.

  • Decluttering Your Garage

    If your garage has become so cluttered that you can’t even find a simple tool, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and turn chaos into order. For some great garage storage ideas, watch this helpful video from Lowe’s.

    First, organize your items into groups, such as gardening tools, holiday and season decorations, sports gear, and clothing. Once you have grouped your items, create a map of your garage and designate a specific zone for each group.

    If you are cleaning out your garage, the junk removal experts at Silverback Hauling & Demolition of San Diego can help you get rid of anything you don’t want. Call us at (619) 618-0676 to learn why Silverback Hauling is the trusted name in hauling and junk removal services in San Diego.

  • How You Can Help Resolve the Electronic Waste Problem


    Technology changes very quickly these days, and appliances that are state-of-the-art when you buy them can become obsolete in a very short time. When you buy a new electronic device such as a television, laptop, smart phone, or tablet computer, you usually want to dispose of your older model. Electronic waste, however, can be hazardous when improperly disposed of. Learn how you can help alleviate the electronic waste problem below.

    Don’t Throw Electronics in the Trash
    Older televisions, computer monitors, and many other electronics can contain trace amounts of toxic substances, including nickel, chromium, zinc, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, and more. While these elements are not dangerous when inside the devices, they can leach into the groundwater supply if buried in landfills, which can contaminate your local drinking water.

    Use Adapters When Possible
    If you are considering purchasing a new electronic device, especially a larger item such as television or desktop computer, consider whether you truly need an entirely new item. If you want to watch Netflix or Hulu on your home TV, for example, you can purchase a Blu-Ray player that has these services, or connect your laptop to the TV with a special cable. This way, you save money and produce less electronic waste.

    Recycle Your Used Appliances
    Often, the wires, circuits, glass, and other components of your electronics can be reused in the manufacture of new electronics. This recycling is efficient and eco-friendly, as it conserves resources. If you are upgrading your home entertainment system, you may need the services of a professional hauling company to remove the waste safely and take it to a proper disposal facility, especially if you have larger, heavy items that are difficult to move.

    Silverback Hauling & Demolition provides waste disposal services in San Diego County. Whether you are moving, remodeling, or demolishing a section of property, we can help you safely dispose of any waste. Call us at (619) 618-0676 to learn more about our services.

  • Getting Your House Ready for Sale

    Hispanic family outside home with for sale sign

    You may have heard the old adage that only three things matter in real estate: location, location, location. Though it is true that a fixer-upper in a desirable area may sell sooner than a brand new home located miles from shops and services, current market conditions favor buyers, so if you are planning to sell your home you need to do everything you can to make it as appealing as possible and compete with similar listings in the area. From junk removal to minor repairs, here are some things you need to do get your home ready for a sale:

    Remove All Clutter and Junk
    Though your realtor can encourage buyers to look beyond clutter, old furniture, and boxes of mementos to see the underlying charm of your house, an untidy or neglected interior can make them wonder if you have neglected other essential maintenance on the home, and create the false impression that the house is dirty. Remove all unused and worn items, especially old furniture, to make your home presentable.

    Update Old Features
    Even if you are planning to move to a new home with a brand-new kitchen featuring sparking appliances and a fully remodeled bathroom, you should consider remodeling your current home. You can often make back what you spend upgrading the home by raising the asking price of your house by more than twice that amount. Upgraded houses are attractive to more affluent buyers who don’t want to have to do any work themselves.

    Thoroughly Clean and Repaint
    All the surfaces in your home should sparkle and look as though they were just cleaned before your open houses or showings. Buyers will be able to easily imagine themselves living in your space if it looks new, neat, and tidy.

    If you have items that need to be hauled away from your San Diego home before an open house, call Silverback Hauling & Demolition at (619) 618-0676 to schedule pickup services. We efficiently and responsibly recycle and dispose of all types of waste.

  • What to Do with Your Old TV

    Vintage Television

    If you have recently updated to a new high-definition television, you should make sure you properly dispose of your old television set. In California, it is illegal to simply throw electronics like televisions into the trash.

    The glass from television screens often contains lead, which makes it hazardous waste. The plastic housing will not decompose in a landfill, and trace amounts of heavy metals can poison local watersheds if they are buried. If your used appliance ends up in China, it may be burned or melted with acid, which is extremely hazardous to the environment. You should contact a company that recycles electronics properly, because the wires and other components in your old TV can be salvaged and recycled in order to be reused in future electronics.

    San Diego residents can call Silverback Hauling & Demolition to remove their old televisions and other unwanted electronics. To schedule a hauling or waste removal appointment, call us at (619) 618-0676.