The Advantages of Demolishing Your Home and Building a New One

The Advantages of Demolishing Your Home and Building a New One

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If your home has grown too small for your needs but you don’t want to undergo the hassle of moving, home demolition and reconstruction may be the right choice for you. When you opt to demolish and rebuild your home, you have complete control over the final product. Your new home will be in a location you already love and offer exactly the features you need.

Create Your Own Home
Building a new home offers many advantages over moving into a previously-built house. When you build a home from scratch, you retain absolute control over the home’s layout, features, and aesthetics. You can design your home to meet your specific needs and remove features that are hazardous, such as widely-spaced railings or shallow stairs. If you have special needs, such as handicapped accessibility or a floor plan that is appropriate for children and pets, you can also incorporate these factors into your new home.

Save Money
While some homes are easy to remodel without the need for demolition, many types of homes are difficult or extremely costly to change without demolishing them first. You can often save money by simply wiping the slate clean and creating your dream home from the ground up, rather than trying reconfigure your existing structure. Additionally, home deconstruction is a demolition process that saves up to 90% of your home’s original materials for reuse. You can choose to donate these materials to humanitarian efforts or recycle them in your new home to save on construction costs. If you love your elegant wood floors or antique cabinetry, these items can be easily saved and reused in your new home.

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