• The Advantages of Demolishing Your Home and Building a New One

    The Advantages of Demolishing Your Home and Building a New One

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    If your home has grown too small for your needs but you don’t want to undergo the hassle of moving, home demolition and reconstruction may be the right choice for you. When you opt to demolish and rebuild your home, you have complete control over the final product. Your new home will be in a location you already love and offer exactly the features you need.

    Create Your Own Home
    Building a new home offers many advantages over moving into a previously-built house. When you build a home from scratch, you retain absolute control over the home’s layout, features, and aesthetics. You can design your home to meet your specific needs and remove features that are hazardous, such as widely-spaced railings or shallow stairs. If you have special needs, such as handicapped accessibility or a floor plan that is appropriate for children and pets, you can also incorporate these factors into your new home.

    Save Money
    While some homes are easy to remodel without the need for demolition, many types of homes are difficult or extremely costly to change without demolishing them first. You can often save money by simply wiping the slate clean and creating your dream home from the ground up, rather than trying reconfigure your existing structure. Additionally, home deconstruction is a demolition process that saves up to 90% of your home’s original materials for reuse. You can choose to donate these materials to humanitarian efforts or recycle them in your new home to save on construction costs. If you love your elegant wood floors or antique cabinetry, these items can be easily saved and reused in your new home.

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  • The Benefits of Home Deconstruction

    The Benefits of Home Deconstruction

    During the typical demolition of a building, much if not all of that building’s resources go to waste. Deconstruction is a new, environmentally-sound method of demolition that reclaims up to 90% of a home or building’s usable materials.

    When a home is deconstructed, its floors, windows, roofing shingles, and lumber are reclaimed. Reclaimed materials are reused rather than put into landfills. Reusable building materials often go to support humanitarian efforts, while homeowners often enjoy savings in the long run. You can learn more about home deconstruction and its benefits in this video.

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  • How to Handle the Aftermath of an Eviction

    How to Handle the Aftermath of an Eviction

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    If you are facing an eviction, following the right steps can help you to find a new rental unit without unnecessary trouble or stress. Immediately after an eviction, consider downsizing your belongings by disposing of old furniture and unnecessary junk. You should keep only those items you use on a daily basis. Make reparations with your previous landlord by paying any rent still owed or covering the expenses to repair damage you may have caused. Eliminating any debt related to your eviction is the only way to remove its effects from your credit report. When searching for a new apartment, ask to speak one-on-one with any potential landlords. Discuss rather than hide your eviction, as it will turn up on any background check your new landlord performs.

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  • Understanding the Psychology of Hoarders

    Understanding the Psychology of Hoarders


    To the non-hoarder, understanding why individuals would save every little thing that crosses their path is almost impossible. However difficult, making an effort to understand why your loved one hoards is important if you are to help him or her overcome this compulsive behavior. In order to help you help your loved one, or even help yourself, let’s take a look at the underlying causes that drive people to hoard.

    Much is still unknown about hoarding, which has only recently been identified as a psychological disorder. Still, researchers believe that genetics plays a role, and studies suggest that 50 percent of hoarders grew up in a household in which hoarding was a problem. It is possible that the hoarding mentality can be passed from parent to child.

    Emotional Attachment
    Another reason psychologists believe some people hoard is because they have a tendency to attach sentimental value to objects more easily than most people. The nature of the emotional attachment that many hoarders experience with the object they hold on to is not known, but it has been observed to be very strong.

    Value Preservation
    Sentimental value is not the only type of value that hoarders see in the items they allow to pile up all over their homes. Many hoarders believe that the junk they save has monetary value, or they fear that the value of the things they hold onto would rise in the future after they part with these objects.

    A combination of personal encouragement and professional assistance may help hoarders overcome some of their most clutter-creating and emotionally draining behaviors. If you or your loved ones are ready to have junk removed from your home, Silverback Hauling & Demolition can help. We offer household junk removal and hauling services for houses that are in varying states of disarray. To arrange to have a junk removal expert visit your home, give us a call at (619) 618-0676.