• Where Does E-Waste Go?

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    While most of the world’s electronic waste (also known as “E-Waste”) originates in the United States, a great deal of it ends up in small towns in China. In these small rural towns, the waste is mixed in vats of acid and other highly toxic chemicals in order to extract materials that can be recycled. If the materials cannot be recycled, they are usually burned. Lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, and polyvinyl chlorides are found in electronic waste and are very harmful to human health. These materials hurt the people who are handling E-waste and the local communities that consume food and water that has been polluted by these materials.

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  • How to Plan a Yard Sale

    If you are looking to free up some space and potentially earn some cash in the process, consider holding a yard sale. Watch this video for some quick and easy tips on planning a successful yard sale.

    Use poster paper and markers to make signs to advertise your yard sale a few days ahead of time. Use thick black lettering that can be read from a car, and be sure to include the address. You may even want to post a craigslist ad or place an ad in the local newspaper. When you’re holding the yard sale, be sure to invite friends and neighbors to participate. For more helpful advice on planning a yard sale, watch the video clip.

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