• Clearing Cluttered Spaces: Hauling and Demolition [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Some jobs are too big for the dumpster. When your home is overrun with clutter, a junk removal and hauling company can help you clear out your space and start over with a clean slate. But how can you tackle bigger problems like extensive structural damage or mold infestation? In those cases, just hauling won’t do the trick. Instead, you need property demolition. Hauling and demolition often go hand in hand, as this infographic all about household and property cleanup shows. Get advice on when to call for hauling and demolition services in San Diego, and help enlighten your friends by sharing this info.


  • Proper Disposal of Your Refrigerator

    Did you know that improperly disposing of your refrigerator can harm animals or cause cancer in humans? To find out how you can safely dispose of a refrigerator with help from a hauling company in San Diego, watch this video.

    When you call an appliance removal company to take care of your refrigerator, they will disassemble it and remove any toxic or recoverable components so they are not released into the soil or atmosphere. Liquids, insulating foam, metals, plastics, and other components are removed and sorted for recycling. By disposing of your refrigerator properly, you can reduce landfill waste and help protect the air and water. Learn more about eco-friendly refrigerator disposal by watching this video.

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  • Why Professional Removal Services Are Needed for Hoarder Cleanup

    Despite being a common disorder for decades, many people have only recently become aware of hoarding. Unable to throw anything out, hoarders suffer from extremely cluttered homes and self-imposed dangerous living conditions. Many hoarders become buried in clutter and debris.

    When approaching a hoarder cleanup project, it is often necessary to seek professional help. Watch this video to learn more about hoarding, how it could impact you or your loved ones, and how a hauling professional can help to assist in cleanup efforts.

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