• Top Reasons for Private Property Demolition

    A private property may need to be demolished if it is in extremely poor condition. Sometimes, older buildings must be removed in order to make way for newer constructions; other times, extensive damage is the reason behind demolition .


    High Repair Expenses

    Some older homes require so many extensive repairs that rebuilding is actually a more affordable option. This is especially true of older homes that contain potentially hazardous materials like asbestos. The savings from using new energy-efficient materials often offsets the repair costs of the old building. In many cases, components of an older home can be salvaged and used toward rebuilding. Otherwise, the property can be completely demolished to make way for a new construction that will not have the same problems.

    Fire and Flood Damage

    Natural disasters can leave homes in uninhabitable conditions. Effects like mold growth and structural damage caused by water can leave a building in a condemned state. It is in the best interests of those that will use the land to remove the existing property and build a new one.

    Foundation Issues

    Sometimes the land a home rests on is the problem. For homes that experience repetitive issues, such as foundation problems, demolition may be the only choice. If the land cannot be modified to correctly support the home, a new location must be chosen for reconstruction. Erosion is another concern that may not be an immediate risk to a building but could make the site unsafe over time. In this case, it is again best to move forward with demolition and find a new site.

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