• The Health Hazards Contained in Abandoned Homes

    Home Improvement Needed

    It is an unfortunate fact, but abandoned properties are on the rise in the wake of the foreclosures brought about by the recession. When not taken down by a demolition company, such homes can lower property values in an area and reflect poorly on the municipality. Homeowners can become unwilling neighbors to such houses. An abandoned home can present several hazards to families. The house itself can contain physical and chemical dangers, while it can attract vandals and squatters, which potentially increases the risk of crime in the area.

    Dangerous Environments

    An abandoned home is not maintained, and the house itself can become a physical health hazard. When exposed to weather, it can begin to deteriorate. Pest infestations can spread to neighboring homes. Another concern lies in the contents of the home, which could include lead paint, exposed nails, splintered boards, and more. Anyone from a curious child to a potential squatter could sustain injury.

    Asbestos and Mold

    As an abandoned house crumbles without proper demolition, hazardous materials can become exposed. This is true of older homes that may have asbestos-based insulation within walls or in the attic. The weather will also take its toll, encouraging mold growth. Mold is difficult to eradicate even inside a relatively clean home, so in the case of an abandoned house the entire property can become a breeding ground for this harmful organism.

    Waste Materials

    Many homes are abandoned with much of their contents intact. This can be appealing to looters, but it also invites pests, and some of the items left behind can be hazardous as well. Leftover waste can rot and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

    When handled by an experienced demolition service in a timely manner, abandoned properties can avoid becoming health hazards for the surrounding area and homeowners. Silverback Hauling & Demolition can help keep the San Diego area clean and protected by taking care of these properties. To learn more, visit us online or call us at (619) 618-0676 today.

  • Tools and Heavy Equipment Commonly Required for Home Demolition Jobs


    Home demolition can make way for additions or new construction, but the first task of tearing down an existing home is not an easy one. There are specialized forms of equipment necessary to ensure that the job is done safely and in a timely manner. The right tools can also make cleanup a breeze, helping to ensure that the entire process is done smoothly. Hauling and demolition companies understand what’s necessary to handle these jobs, including safety equipment, which is why it can be a good idea for a homeowner to enlist their services instead of attempting to demolition themselves.

    Safety Necessities

    It is absolutely vital that anyone performing a demolition uses the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). The nature of the work demands that people are protected from head to toe. Professionals have access to the right kinds of safety equipment that not only keeps them safe but enables them to perform demolition tasks that would otherwise be difficult for homeowners alone.

    Hammers, Levers, and Other Hand Tools

    Many of the essential hand tools used for demolition are intended to break up large pieces of structure and remove nails. Various hammers and sledges are used by professionals to break up sheet rock, masonry, and more. Pry bars are essential for structures like doorframes, and leverage is necessary for most demolition work. Specialized tools like combination hammers, chisels, and pry bars are the go-to choices for professional demolition specialists, enabling them to tackle many tasks without switching to different tools during the process.

    Heavy and Hauling Equipment

    For complete demolition including concrete slab destruction, heavier equipment is necessary. Concrete breaking can be expedited with power equipment as well as a set of experienced hands. It’s also important that the debris from demolition is safely hauled and sorted while the process is ongoing. This helps keep a site safe as well as expedite final phases.

    Silverback Hauling & Demolition can handle any scale demolition job, whether you wish to knock down a portion of an old home to make room for expansion or completely remove a property. We have the equipment and the training to get the job done safely. Visit us online or call us at (619) 618-0676 for more information.

  • Making the Move toward Responsible E-Waste Disposal and Recycling

    E-waste consists of obsolete electronics, like televisions and computers, and millions of pounds of this waste is generated every year. In just 10 years, 500 million computers became obsolete. Much of this waste is shipped to developing countries, where it is disposed of or recycled using methods that are very harmful to the environment and local population.

    Many of the chemicals found inside E-waste, like mercury, cause irreparable damage to the human body. You can control where your E-waste goes by choosing responsible recycling companies who refuse to export, instead using domestic and refined methods to safely dispose of and recycle this waste.

    Silverback Hauling & Demolition provides conscientious E-waste recycling, ensuring that the hazardous materials as well as recoverable components are properly routed to encourage safety and sustainability. Visit us online to learn more about how we do this, or call us at (619) 618-0676 for more information.