• Why You Should Hire a Professional Demolition Team to Handle Your Concrete Breaking


    There comes a time in most homeowners’ lives when an old sports court, swimming pool, or driveway needs to be busted up in order to make room for a new one. When you decide to break concrete on your property, you have two options: go it your own or hire a professional demolition team. When you choose the latter, you will enjoy the following benefits:


    Breaking concrete is not without risk. If you are using a pickaxe to bust up your driveway or sidewalk, you need to ensure that you are wearing the proper attire and using proper form to avoid injury. A professional demolition team is always equipped with goggles, gloves, boots, and other safety equipment necessary to protect its members from flying debris.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    A demolition professional’s job is to serve you, and thus a demolition team that is tasked with the job of removing concrete from your driveway or tearing up your old swimming pool will carry out a job to your complete satisfaction. Precautions will be taken so that no part of your home’s foundation or exterior features that you do not wish to have busted up will be affected. If the demolition team you choose also has hauling experience, every last bit of concrete that is broken up will be professionally removed from your property as well.

    Time and Energy Saved

    Breaking up concrete is an extremely labor-intensive task. The time and energy that you save by hiring a demolition professional to carry out the work for you may be worth far more than the money you would save doing it on your own. Trust us, your back will thank you for hiring a professional demolition crew to handle your concrete breaking project.

    Are you a resident of the San Diego area who is looking to have your home’s concrete foundation or sidewalk broken up so that you can put something new in its place? If so, Silverback Hauling & Demolition can help you. To speak with a demolition professional about our concrete breaking services, call (619) 618-0676.

  • Deconstruction vs. Demolition

    Are you a San Diego County resident who is planning on leveling your home or business? If you are curious to learn about deconstruction and demolition and the roles that these processes can play in the leveling of your building, check out this brief video clip.

    In it, you will learn that deconstruction involves the careful removal of materials from a building or property that can be recycled or reused for another purpose. Demolition, on the other hand, generally means the thorough destruction of building materials with jackhammers and other heavy operating tools.

    Deconstruction and demolition are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you can hire the same company to deconstruct your home to spare reusable and recyclable parts before demolishing the rest. To speak with a company that can deconstruct your home before demolishing it and haul away all of your recyclables and demolition debris for you, call Silverback Hauling & Demolition at (619) 618-0676.