• Demolition vs. Deconstruction: What’s the Difference?

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    Home and business owners typically demolish old structures if they’re interested in rebuilding. However, deconstruction offers a green alternative to demolishing an entire building. Learn more about demolition and deconstruction to determine which method is the best fit for your remodeling project.

    • Contractor Methods: One of the main differences between demolition and deconstruction is the process used by contractors to take down the old building. Demolition experts specialize in totaling buildings as safely and efficiently as possible—heavy equipment and hand tools are used to bring the entire structure to the ground. Deconstruction teams work to remove reusable materials and structural elements of the home prior to demolition efforts. This process helps to mitigate the nation’s waste stream and save energy.
    • Salvage Materials: There are numerous opportunities to reclaim construction materials in the deconstruction process—wood floorboards, electric wires, pipes and other housing fixtures can be reused or diverted from the waste stream. Deconstruction companies locate these items and remove them without damage. Due to the efficiency of demolition, less reclaiming is performed by demolition teams.
    • Project Schedule: The deconstruction process can take up to three weeks longer than the average demolition project. When potential conflicts exist with the builder’s schedule, a speedy demolition is the way to go. An extended deconstructed process has its timeline advantages as well. Many customers incorporate reclaimed materials into their new home and save time on material shopping. The size of your building and surrounding environment should also come into play when deciding to deconstruct or demolish. Demolition jobs typically create more debris and require a lengthier clean-up time.

    Silverback Hauling & Demolition is ready to handle your household demolishing needs today. Our full-service demolition and junk removal company can handle every step of your demolition process. San Diego residents can reach our office with a call to (619) 618-0676.

  • Cleaning Out Your Home in Preparation for a Renovation? Here’s an App to Help Track Your Expenses

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    Home renovation includes a long list of jobs and services. After all, homeowners have to balance the cost of materials, labor, demolition, and hauling. Renovation Budget Tracker By DKDesign makes this process easier with an accessible digital interface.

    DKDesign’s budgeting app divides your renovation costs into simple, manageable categories. These categories make it easy to match your own budget against the renovation’s true costs. The application also includes timers to help you track payment dates and remodeling labor.

    Silverback Hauling & Demolition has served San Diego residents for over a decade. Contact us if you need reliable demolition or deconstruction services at an affordable price. We can be reached online or by phone at (619) 618-0676.

  • 5 Benefits of Using a Professional Hauling Company


    Hauling your own junk simply isn’t worth the hassle. Professional hauling companies can pick up and remove your unwanted garbage with little cost to you. Review the benefits of professional hauling before busting your back.

    • Convenient Pickup: The hauling process is much smoother with the help of a professional hauling company. You’ll protect your muscles from heavy lifting, save gas on the drive to a landfill or recycling center and save a huge amount of time. If you’ve got to haul in a hurry, count on the full-sized fleet provided by hauling experts.
    • Versatile Services: A professional hauling company does more than pick up your trash. First-rate services like Silverback Hauling & Demolition can haul anything from garbage bags to entire rooms of a home. Plus, hauling companies can help you to clear out recently foreclosed homes.
    • Clean Outdoors: Help from hauling company avoids a buildup of debris in your front or back yard—these old appliances and building materials can hamper a home’s curb appeal and make your exterior less enjoyable. Let quick and efficient pickup from a professional hauling company protects your home from a dingy appearance.
    • Flexible Scheduling: A busy schedule may prevent you from cleaning out your home until the weekend or off hours. Thankfully, professional hauling companies like Silverback Hauling & Demolition are willing to work with your schedule. Count on the experts to haul your waste in a timeframe convenient for you.
    • Extensive Credentials: Hauling can be a tough and dangerous job. That’s why local San Diego hauling companies are certified and licensed to do their jobs. Residents can also learn which companies offer top-tier service by checking out Better Business Bureau reviews online.

    Let a professional hauling company put a fast end to your spring cleaning. Contact Silverback Hauling & Demolition at (619) 618-0676 to schedule your San Diego area hauling service.

  • What Can Silverback Hauling And Demolition Offer You?

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    Stop clutter and junk from interfering with the beauty of your home. Service from Silverback Hauling & Demolition is the easy way to clean out your San Diego County property. Contact us at (619) 618-0676 to set up a pickup.

    • FreeMoneyFinance.com offers tips for clearing out a passed loved one’s home.
    • Use these tips from GoodHouseKeeping.com to reduce clutter around the home.
    • This article from the San Francisco Chronicle identifies strategies for cleaning out foreclosure houses.
    • The Deccan Chronicle explains the dangers of improper e-waste disposal.
    • Learn more about REO properties with this article from AOL Real Estate.

  • What Can I Haul Away with Silverback Hauling?

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    Silverback Hauling & Demolition is a full-service trash hauling company. Our mission is to keep your home or worksite free of excess junk. Review our full services to see if we can help you.

    Household Junk: No one likes a house full of trash. Items like old furniture and stacks of newspaper clog up walking spaces and make houses seem cluttered. Silverback Hauling & Demolition can address these issues with our reliable roadside pickup. These services are especially helpful when you are trying to sell your home. Thankfully, Silverback Hauling & Demolition makes this process a cinch.

    Construction Debris: Your construction projects create a ton of debris. Unfortunately, this debris can create hazards around the work place. Don’t let broken glass and crumbling bricks become work hazards. Instead, contact Silverback Hauling & Demolition. Our dependable pick-up services can remove these materials before they cause an injury. Hauling services are even more important for demolition projects. Work space becomes limited as walls, supports and fixtures are turned into rubble. Keep your demolition worksite safe and productive by depending on Silverback Hauling & Demolition.

    Electronic Waste: E-waste is a huge problem for homeowners and demolition teams alike. After all, irresponsible e-waste results in dangerous landfill contaminations. Silverback Hauling & Demolition uses proper disposal methods for televisions, computers, consumer electronics and appliances. However, many e-waste materials are reusable. You can be confidant that Silverback Hauling & Demolition will correctly route all your recyclable e-waste.

    If you’ve got a trash problem, then Silverback Hauling & Demolition has a solution. Contact us at (619) 618-0676 or online to schedule a pick-up.