• Deconstruction: A Green Way of Demolition

    As professionals in various American industries have become more environmentally conscious, creative ways of reducing energy consumption have emerged almost everywhere one looks. This video takes a look at deconstruction, a method of tearing down a building that is far greener than traditional demolition.

    The example used in this video is of a house that is being built in Boulder, Colorado. Due to its age and the poor quality of its initial construction, a pre-existing home is being deconstructed to make way for a new LEED-certified, solar-powered, geothermal heated and cooled structure. Surprisingly, 96% of materials from the existing home will be spared during the deconstruction process and reused in the construction of the new home.

    If you are looking for a demolition professional in the San Diego area who has experience deconstructing parts of homes and recycling reusable materials, check out Silverback Hauling & Demolition. Call (619) 618-0676 to find out more about the first-rate services our family-owned and operated business provides.

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and the Benefits of Using a Professional Hauling Service

    Happy to be Floor Scrubbing

    The ancient Jewish culture scoured their homes in search of any uneaten matzah just before Passover, thoroughly cleaning their homes in the process. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in China, thorough home cleanings were taking place for a different reason: to rid a family and its home of misfortune and bad luck accumulated during the previous year. Regardless of whether your family’s present-day spring cleaning tradition is rooted in such long-standing history, you will be able to benefit from the services offered by a professional hauling company:

    Formulate a Plan

    Spring cleaning is a major undertaking, one which is best carried out in accordance with a plan. Divide your home into areas, and tackle these areas one at a time. Draw up a realistic schedule and set attainable goals so that you are less likely to become discouraged during the spring cleaning process.

    Assess Cleaning Supply Inventory

    Ensure that you have all the soaps, cleaners, towels, brooms, mops, etc. that you need to successfully carry out your spring cleaning project. Make a visit to your neighborhood drug store or supermarket for all supplies you do not have.

    Get Everyone Involved

    Encourage your children to participate in your family’s spring cleaning project. This will make them feel included and help them get used to the idea of spring cleaning.

    Separate Trash from Donations

    For most families, spring cleaning includes more than just vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and sweeping. If decluttering your home is one of your primary goals this spring, make piles of items you wish to donate, items that can be recycled, and items that need to be trashed. For large volumes of disposables and large objects such as couches and tables, professional hauling services will come in handy.

    Hire a Hauling Service to Help

    Hiring a professional hauling company can save you a great deal of time and energy when it comes to freeing your property of belongings you no longer want or need.

    If you are looking for a professional hauling service in the San Diego area that will work tirelessly to meet your hauling demands as your family or business cleans out its property this spring, Silverback Hauling & Demolition can help. Call (619) 618-0676 or visit us online to find out more!